Event Signage

DMS can transform your event through the production of many forms of event signage.

Directional Signage

What use is an exhibition if you can’t find your way around? We can produce a variety of directional signage, allowing your event footfall to be directed when attending your event. This may come in the form of wayfinding arrow systems or hanging panels. Whatever your requirement, we can help.


Large format digital banners provide a brilliant display solution at a low cost. We have the ability to produce large PVC banners to enable your brand message to reach your target audience. These banners can be used for roadside advertising or for displays that are viewed at distance.

Display Boards

Display boards are inexpensive direct marketing tools. Wherever there is a flat surface at your event, there is a marketing opportunity or a place for you to display a clear message. Using a variety or medias, we can design and produce your required message.

Pavement Signage

Using a variety of frames and displays, we’re able to offer pavement signage solutions. These come in all shapes and sizes such as swing frames, A boards and clip frame solutions. The strategic placement of pavement signage can provide additional branding opportunities around the largest of events.

Café Banners

Café banners provide unique branding opportunities while providing a solution as a border solution. Café banners are often used to segregate areas or mark out a queuing area. Each café banner section can have an individual message or brand displayed upon them. This provides increased brand awareness and the possibility of a new revenue stream.