Construction Signage

Today’s construction sites have become more brand aware and safety conscious.
Let DMS produce your required branding elements.


Large digital hoarding panels have become one of the most popular forms of commercial branding. Rather than a dull plain hoarding fence, companies can show a professional, colourful and attractive image which will act as a sales tool creating interest in a development.

The ability to show how your site will look through the medium of digital print and signage has allowed building sites to colour the landscape. As well as showing an important marketing message, hoardings can enclose a site and supply additional security and safety. Recently, we have installed hoardings at Canterbury Cathedral and the Maidstone Museum. These two sites are not traditional building projects, but both developments saw the value of enhanced branding.

Site Signage

Site signage can be one of the most significant aspects of a development. You can deliver brand messages to your target audience, display large images of the finished development or simply say coming soon. Site signage comes in many shapes and sizes ranging from small health and safety signs, right the way up to major development signs aimed at creating sales through advertising.

Health and Safety Signage

Construction sites have a variety of hazards and risks. It’s the job of the developers to make sure safety messages are delivered correctly and clearly to the target audience. If the messages are display on large signs in key areas around the site, then health and safety awareness will increase.

Monoliths and Permanent signage

Once developments have been completed, there is a requirement for a permanent signage solution. This may be in the form of large monolith signage for industrial developments and business parks or maybe in the form of bespoke built signage for private estates and educational facilities. We can help, whatever the requirement.