Linx Modular Display

The Linx Modular Display System is a very versatile expandable system which gives you the impressive presence of a large bespoke exhibition stand with the flexibility of a modular display system. The system is formed with modular sections of aluminium extrusion and the finished with graphic panels and digital print.

This system is more than capable of fulfilling   your exhibition needs on a grand scale. DMS recommend the client purchases a base kit for the primary need. The client can then rent or buy additional sections which will allow the system to be increased in size when need.

With the truly bespoke approach of the Linx Display you can create a truly unique stand.

Linx Stand


Graphtec (GB), which is is the sole UK distributor for Graphtec Corporation – the internationally recognised manufacturer of computer related input/output devices and recording instruments, and world market leader in recorders, plotters and cutting devices. Have been using the Linx modular display system with DMS for the last 4 years. They have expanded and reduced the kit size for multiple exhibitions each year which has provided them with significant reductions in costs.

Linx Display
Linx Modular Design
  • Posted by: Mark Steward