Felxible Display Systems

Flexible display system are a very good option when you are looking for a one size fits all approach to your exhibition. With companies stretching the Exhibition Graphics budgets across many events, there is a need for this approach. Systems such as the Twist and Isoframe Wave have become very popular.

If you approach your design from a flexible angle you can make one system work as multiple systems. The ability to change the shape of the stand without the need for new hardware has made these systems become the system of choice for many companies.

These systems can also grow with your company as they have the ability to be expanded upon with the addition of many available extras.

Emerson Crane Hire Approached DMS to create a one size fits all system which will fit in to all of their exhibitions for the year.  Emerson have chosen to go with the Twist display system which fits in to the average shell scheme system with ease. The design of the graphics has allowed them to split up the design and use it as a multi site graphic.

Virtus Fleet
ISO Frame Wave for Virtus Fleet


Virtus Fleet approached DMS with a view to creating a flexible display system to be used in a display space only environment yet with the ability to be used on a shell scheme display. Virtus decided to go with the ISO Frame Wave which is a more robust system for this kind of display. The ISO Frame Wave is still a traditional flexible system with the ability to be reconfigured to allow the addition of extra panels and it has the ability to be expanded with additional shelving units, brackets and various display elements.

  • Posted by: Mark Steward